Easy Mounting


  • Place the magnets on the rear side of the filter.
  • Fix the adhesive layers onto the magnets
  • Attach the filter to the flash in a centered position
  • Apply pressure on the magnets (to each one) to fix them on the flash
  • You can start using your polarizing filter.
  • If it’s necessary, you can remove the adhesive layer and fix de magnets with permanent glue.



  • Shutter speed: automatic mode (A-AV), or manual mode (M: 1/125’’-1/200’’)
  • Aperture: f22-32 (adjust it depending on light decreasing)
  • WB: flash or custom mode
  • Flash: Auto TTL or M (1/4 to 1/1)

If images appear darker tan desired:

  • EV +/-: +1 o +2
  • ISO: 200 to 400


Don’t touch the filter with your fingers. Don’t press or hit it, because its sensibility.

You can use compressed air to clean it. An alternative is a paint brush or a microfiber cloth. As a last option, you can use a cotton swab moisten with cleaner liquid.


To achieve an optimal polarization, we recommend to use Columbia or translucent cheek retractors.

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